Getting Started

First steps with EdgeVPN

Get EdgeVPN

Prerequisites: No dependencies. EdgeVPN releases are statically compiled.

From release

Just grab a release from the release page on GitHub. The binaries are statically compiled.

Via Homebrew on Macos

If you’re using homebrew in MacOS, you can use the edgevpn formula

brew install edgevpn

Building EdgeVPN from source


  • Golang installed in your system.
  • make
$> git clone
$> cd edgevpn
$> go build

First VPN

Let’s create our first vpn now and start it:

$> EDGEVPNTOKEN=$(edgevpn -b -g)
$> edgevpn --dhcp --api

That’s it!

You can now access the web interface on http://localhost:8080.

To join new nodes in the network, simply copy the EDGEVPNTOKEN and use it to start edgevpn in other nodes:

$> EDGEVPNTOKEN=<token_generated_before> edgevpn --dhcp


Command line interface


GUI app

WebUI and API

Query the network status and operate the ledger with the built-in API