EdgeVPN uses libp2p to build private decentralized networks that can be accessed via shared secrets.

It can:

  • Create a VPN :

    • Secure VPN between p2p peers
    • Automatically assign IPs to nodes
    • Embedded tiny DNS server to resolve internal/external IPs
  • Act as a reverse Proxy

    • Share a tcp service like you would do with ngrok to the p2p network nodes without establishing a VPN connection
  • Send files via p2p

    • Send files over p2p between nodes without establishing a VPN connection.
  • Be used as a library

    • Plug a distributed p2p ledger easily in your golang code!

Check out the docs below for further example and reference, have a look at our getting started guide, the cli interface, gui desktop app, and the embedded WebUI/API.

WebUI Desktop

Getting Started

First steps with EdgeVPN


Expore EdgeVPN functionalities by looking at practical use-cases


See how to contribute to EdgeVPN